Monticello, Miss Mary M. Marvin

Portrait of Miss Mary Marvin, the first librarian at the Monticello Public Library.


Miss Mary M. Marvin was the first librarian at the Monticello Public Library when it opened in May 1904. According to the July 1904 Iowa Library Quarterly, she “brought to the work ability and enthusiasm, and before the opening of the library spent much time in preparation for her work under the direction of her niece, Miss Cornelia Marvin, of the Wisconsin Library Commission. Her connection with the schools of Monticello for many years makes her familiar with the needs of the young people in the community.”[1]

Miss Marvin was there only for about a year and resigned in early April of 1905 and moved to Washington. She was replaced by Miss Ruth Cummings, from St. Louis, Missouri, who received her training from the University of Illinois Library School.[2]

Text by Bethany Kluender

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