Marengo, Raney, Mrs. M.A. (Francisca)

Mrs. M.A. (Francisca) Raney

The Raney family is notable for its involvement in the early history of the Marengo Public Library.  Mrs. M.A (Francisca) Raney (1856-1931) was a member of the women’s social club known as the Ingleside Club which was instrumental in garnering support for the establishment of the public library.[1]  She later went on to be the town’s ninth librarian.[2]  Her husband, Mr. M.A. Raney, met Andrew Carnegie in Washington, DC in 1903 to discuss the possibility of Marengo receiving a grant from Carnegie to build a public library in Marengo.[3]  Following the town election in which the citizens of Marengo overwhelmingly voted in favor of accepting the Carnegie grant, M.A. Raney was elected first president of the library board.[4]

Francisca Raney, née McManigal, was born on November 21, 1856 in Pennsylvania to Franklin McManigal (1825-1880)[5] and Margaret, née McKibben (1830-1872).[6]  The Raneys of Marengo lived on Bridge Street and had three children together.[7]  Francisca Raney was involved in supporting education in her community.  In a Marengo Republican article from January of 1908, she is reported to have participated on a panel with the Marengo High School director and two teachers where such things as the rural course of study handbook for Iowa Teachers were discussed.[8]

-Alecs Mickunas

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