Schall, Prof. E. F.

Prof. E. F. Schall

Professor E. F. Schall was appointed a trustee for the West Liberty Library in January,1903. He served on the book committee. In April,1905 he was elected president of the Board of Trustees after the former president resigned and moved to another city.  In 1906 and 1908 he was re-elected president. He resigned from the Board in the fall of 1909 pending a move to another teaching position in Fort Madison.[1]

Elias Fremont Schall was born Sept. 11,1856, near Three Rivers, Michigan, the son of Elias and Caroline Hutton Schall.  He attended the University of Michigan and received his degree from the University of Iowa.[2]  For a time he taught in Michigan and then went to Muscatine, Iowa in 1883. He married Anna Cloud in June,1887.  She passed away in 1888.[3]  On June 22,1892 he married Hattie Harris.[4]  Professor Schall accepted the position of superintendent of schools at West Liberty in 1901.  Always seeking more knowledge, he often spent his vacations attending summer schools at Ann Arbor or Iowa City to stay connected with educational progress.[5]  In the fall of 1909 he accepted a position at the Fort Madison schools.[6]  At some time between 1915 and 1920 he moved on to Fairfield, IA.[7], [8]  He was a professor of Greek and Latin studies at Parsons College.[9]  He was a Mason and an Elder of the First Presbyterian Church.[10]  He died at his home in Fairfield on Oct. 30,1947 leaving his widow; the couple had no children.  Burial was at Greenwood Cemetery in Muscatine, Iowa.[11]

– Pam Schnittjer


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